About.me’s New App Makes Digital Business Cards Real

Paper is becoming obsolete, with digital devices and files slowly but surely replacing humongous folders and stacks of paper at business meetings and conventions. And as much as some would rather stay true to paper, the truth is there is no way to get around it – the change is already taking place.

Now, it seems like the business card, the number one staple for entrepreneurs who attend big events like conventions hoping to make new liaisons, is about to follow suit, and be replaced by a very nifty app called Intro.

If you are in any kind of business, social media and tech development included, and you want to grow that business, anyone will tell you that you need to hand out business cards in order to make partnerships. But the truth is business cards aren’t at all practical. They are usually expensive to make, easy to forget – both to you and those who you hand them out to – and not very customizable. Add in the fact that several business cards can be exchanged in one day or night, and the odds that your card will bring you any actual business are basically slim to none.

About.me has set out to solve most of these problems with its new app, Intro, which is, quite basically, a spin-off or an extension of their website, which is, in effect, a professional social networking platform, where users can add résumés and social media links so that their existing as well as prospective business associates can get to know and learn more about them and their businesses.

intro app

Intro expands on that concept, by using the same concept as a "friend invite" to send the so-called "digital business card", built upon information from Facebook or about.me, depending on which one the users chooses to log into the app with. More than that, the app allows users to edit their personal information, choosing what’s to be shown on their "Intro", before sending the message to another about.me user, email address or phone number.

Thus far, this app is already tackling two of the major drawbacks of traditional business cards mentioned earlier – the inability to personalize a card, and how easy is it to forget to have them handy – but there is even more this app can do. It also allows users browsing the app to check all the "cards" which have been sent to them, through the "shared with you section, as well as keep track of the info they have sent, by checking the "My Shares" tab.

This option which allows users to keep track of their business cards, both sent and received, even being reminded of them, while on their phones or tablets, may actually be Intro’s best selling point, as it does tackle the biggest issue anyone who ever dealt with business cards has most likely struggled with – the inability to keep track of who you have exchanged a business card with, which is something the very CEO of about.me has experienced first-hand, and can thus empathize with. 

If these features aren’t convincing enough to make young entrepreneurs throw their stack of business cards in the trash – which seems unlikely in an age when anyone who isn’t in a meeting in glued to their phone – those who are money-savvy will like to know that, unlike the manufacturing of traditional business cards, this app is available for free at the App Store.