Making a Statement With Business Cards


It's All In The Details 

You see it in movies every time you turn around. There's the fancy business man in his Armani suit, talking to a potential client, when seemingly out of nowhere he reaches into his breast pocket and pulls out that magical little token that could very easily stand between him and his new sale. Yes, it's his business card. And please don't tell me you think investing in a quality set of business cards isn't the smart thing to do, because how else will a possible client remember you, especially if he or she has been shopping around and getting numerous proposals for the best deal? Ages ago, when I went through the ordeal of finding the perfect floral designer for my wedding, I had collected a sea of business cards by the time I made it through the A to Z list of floral shops in the Yellow Pages. They basically all looked the same with their pictures of flower bouquets embedded on them, and the different shades of card stock resembled a colorful array of Skittles that gave me an enormous headache and threatened to make my eyes bleed.

It wasn't one of those gaudy cards that stuck out more than the rest in my mind. It was the simple white card with gold lettering and a tag line that read Making Your Wedding Dreams A Reality. The owner also remained prominent in my mind because she was a petite, friendly, middle-aged woman whose florist was the epitome of elegance with understated yet classic floral arrangements and wedding decor. Her business card wasn't jumbled with information I didn't find useful, like company profit numbers and flashy graphics. It consisted of only four lines – florist name, tag line, company phone number, and email address. Short, sweet, and easy to remember. It was this humble attention to detail that eventually led me to hiring her for my wedding, and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Stand Out (But Don't Shout)

If you're in the market for business cards, there are certain things I would like to advise against when it comes to your design, and I speak only as a consumer who has collected her fair share of them over the years. If at all possible, try to avoid:

  1. Quotes: It might seem cute to add some type of motivational or inspirational quote on your card, but usually the personal meaning of it to you is lost on potential customers, plus it takes up space, so consider leaving it off.
  2. Personal information: Not only is it not useful information for clients, but adding your personal home (or cell) phone number and physical address could open up a world of opportunities for thieves. Not to mention, you might come across someone who decides to call you during all hours of the day about business and interfering with your private life.
  3. Financial stats: Yes, I know you’re excited over your increase in sales last year, but is it really necessary to add that information to your business card? No, and to be completely honest, this tactic is just plain tacky.

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