Tips On Promotional Marketing


What’s In A Name?

We’ve all been to the grand opening of a new business and been bombarded with items like free key chains, coffee mugs, mouse pads, and numerous other promotional gifts. We’ve seen the company name displayed prominently and perhaps you’ve even thought about doing the same type of marketing for your own business. With these types of items you can’t go wrong because they are remarkable in helping people remember you and who doesn’t love a free gift anyway? Many businesses offer them as a way to lure or reward potential customers, to retain current clientele, and also as a way to celebrate achievements and victories.

But just like any other marketing venture, there are certain rules every business owner should follow, so the return client or prospective client doesn’t feel bombarded with information all at once. (Remember, you want to entice people to do business with you – not scare them away). Your main objective should always be to aid people in remembering your name, as this not only assists in gaining new customers, but also when your aim is to receive word-of-mouth publicity and customer referrals.

There are also those times when you need to have something available at trade shows for marketing strategies, if you’re trying to sell a new product. Studies have shown that customers who receive promotional items and gifts from companies have a much higher opinion of them than those who don’t. Plus, if you give people a gift with your business name on it that they will use time and time again, like a coffee mug, then you are promoting a constant stream of advertising and possibly gaining new customers because of it.  Keeping your name in front of prospect clients is crucial to growing your business.

What Works and What Doesn’t

Needing some sure-fire tips to get your business name out to the public through promotional marketing? Then you’ll love these tried and true tactics.

  1. Don’t just stick with pens for marketing purposes. There is a wide array of other products available to you, such as mugs, calendars, mini key chain flashlights, luggage tags, and even knives. Make a statement and really show your customers how much you care by giving away larger and more uncommon gifts, like water bottles, lunch coolers, tote bags, sweatshirts, and t-shirts. The main objective should be to choose something that customers will use again and again.
  2. Pick an item that is in some way related to your business. For instance, if you’re the owner of a landscaping company, then consider giving away sun visors or hats with your name and slogan on the front. If your business is more on the technology side, choose calculators, notepads, or mouse pads.
  3. Go for quality – not convenience. Don’t use promotional items that are flimsy and worthless and will only garner negative feedback. If your customer doesn’t feel appreciated, then why should they do business with you? Give items you know they will enjoy and use.


(Photo courtesy of Flickr)